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What is the Shining Company?

The Shining Company is an global online, social research project… a collective of brilliant creatives sharing insights into the(ir) nature of creativity. We aim to:

  • investigate the nature of creativity through the eyes of creatives,
  • highlight the potential value of creativity in society,
  • increase our individual and collective mastery of creativity,
  • position ourselves to better educate our children about creativity, and,
  • in two years, publish our first edition of the holistic nature of creativity in“SHiNE, the Nature of Creativity”.

So, what’s the problem?

In this day and age of take, take, take, maximising the power of give, give might be one way to solve, solve, solve. And the only way many of us  know how to give and solve, is by being creative.

But, most mainstream understanding about the nature of creativity stems from academic and scientific research. The problem with this is that much of this research focuses upon creativity as a cognitised experience…as one of thoughts and thinking. But creativity has a nature… a holistic nature… and the best people to uncover and share this nature are creatives themselves.  Learning about creativity from creatives, makes sense.

Whose heading up this research project?

Creatologist, Jane Pertile, researches the nature of creativity using talent to find the theory of creativity embedded within creative experience. Often referred to as a ‘creative kid’ while growing up, she struggled with being perceived as naughty, unmotivated, and ‘dreamy’. Her career as an educator transformed into one of a photographer and researcher, simply so she could re-ignite that part of her nature she wished was alive and vibrant. Jane has been researching the nature of creativity (she calls it the ‘noc’!) for seven years now, inspired by her masters degree.

For example, she researched that creativity’s fundamental principle… its purpose…  is to generate new life and new growth, within and without the human being, and has discovered that creativity fulfils this purpose through three functions… that all begin with the letter R! The first two are Response-ability, and Resource-fullness. That is, when we engage with creativity, we increase our ability to respond to our conditions, and increase our ability to maximise and generate resources. What’s more… creativity Reciprocates!

Your Invitation to Action

Are you a creative? Do you have insight into creativity? Do you understand the role ‘overwhelm’ plays, or the role ‘self-organisation’ plays? How has creativity resourced you? Do you feel at times that your creative work is not ‘yours’, that it has a life of its own, or that you, while working, are in partnership?

Can you write about these experiences, draw them, or image them? Would you like to share them to educate others, and contribute to this global research project?

There are lots of perks included… for example, if you include links to your work, to your online presence, we’ll link readers back to you and promote your insights to other creatives’ followers.  You can build more relationships with people within your field, find new project partners, stand out as a leader, or grow in knowledge with other creatives. It’s up to you. J

Please participate… either as a reader or as a contributor… to this unique project.

Enter your name and your email and we’ll send to you an invitation to participate… and Jane and her team will give you any help you need.

(Below is the countdown to our launch… on the stroke of midnight, new year’s eve, 2015!)

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